WFG specializes in chemostratigraphic interpretations based on elemental, mineralogical and isotope analysis of rocks samples, cuttings and cores.

In our interpretations we use chemostratigraphic XRF-based X-Min and X-Lit algorithms which provide basic mineralogy and synthetic lithology.

These data combined with XRF elemental composition and synthetic GR give an opportunity to establish comprehensive, high resolution chemostratigraphic subdivision of well sections.

XRF based mineralogy

Our multi-discipline team developed XRF-based advanced mineralogical algorithm (EMLITHTM) which gives an opportunity to establish the mineral composition of sedimentary rocks

Efficiency of EMLITHTM algorithm has been positively tested on wells and field sections with use of XRD and LECO cross-correlation

TOC estimation

WFG scientific team developed EMTOC algorithm which use XRF results and neural network to provide accurate estimation of TOC in clastic sedimentary rocks.

EMTOC algorithm has been tested on exploration wells and field sections with use of LECO and Rock-Eval cross-correlation.

Mud gas stable isotope interpretation

We deliver interpretations providing key information describing the origin of hydrocarbons in the drilled section, tested reservoirs or soil.

Our level of expertise has been confirmed on unconventional shale gas/CBM wells, conventional exploration wells and on surface geochemical surveys.