WFG provides comprehensive stratigraphic analysis of geological sections. Our expertise includes:

  • Lithostratigraphic subdivision based on lithological descriptions established for cuttings, cores and field sections
  • Biostratigraphic analysis based on microfossils (foraminifera, calpionellids, calcareous dinocysts) extracted from cuttings and cores
  • Chemostratigraphic zonation based on XRF analysis of field samples, cuttings and cores
  • Sequence stratigraphy analysis based on geochemical analysis of cuttings, cores and field samples accompanied by mineralogical modeling and well logs

Structural geology

We provide expertise in field mapping integrated with remote sensing techniques as well as subsurface structural interpretation based on seismic, surface and subsurface data for building 2D and 3D geological models in order to determine the potential traps and reservoir geometry.


Wellfield geoscience sedimentological service includes core and outcrop description, facies identification and interpretation of their vertical and lateral distribution in order to assess reservoir quality and geometry.

Well to well correlation

WFG provides real-time well to well correlations based on MWD, LWD data, wireline logs and processed, advanced geochemical logs, delivered on site by GLWD – Geochemical Logging While Drilling Service.