XRF supported formation evaluation

WFG delivers formation evaluation enhanced with the results of mineralogical composition assessment based on XRF analysis and the EMLITH algorithm.

Application of independently assessed mineralogy guarantees a better, more reliable estimation of porosity and saturation of hydrocarbons

Structural interpretation

Structural interpretation provided by our team relies on analysis of geophysical well logs (dip meter, electric wellbore micro imager) integrated with the results of XRF-based stratigraphic, mineralogical and lithological interpretations.


Our analyses are conducted with use of wireline logs (FMI/XRMI) and laboratory geomechanical analyses of cores.

Analysis includes constructing an anisotropic (VTI) or isotropic (ISO) Mechanical Earth Model (MEM), which provides information on principal stresses, UCS, elastic moduli and formation dip.