Drilling hazards

The main objective of the analysis is to identify zones which may become a threat to drilling operations.

In particular, analysis is focused on formations that are susceptible to hydration (swelling clays) and the illitization process (kaolinite rich formations).


Analyses are conducted in the real time with the use of XRF data provided by GLWD service and application of the EMLITHTM mineralogical model.

The provided information may have significance for mud treatment (rheology, inhibition) while drilling and in consequence reduce risks and costs of drilling operations.

Breakouts identification

WFG wellbore condition analysis is focused on the identification of caverns, breakouts and bad hole intervals with the use of XRF analysis of cuttings and cavings

XRF analyses are conducted by GLWD service while drilling and tripping operations

DHA logs

Our comparative geochemical analysis gives an opportunity to determine unstable zones that could be a potential threat during tripping operations and wireline logging.

WFG provides DHA logs used while drilling and tripping operations and running in hole with wireline tools.