We make geochemistry extremely useful.

Why geochemical logging with WFG?
Because we deliver data enhancing your exploration process.

Seismic data processing

WFG provides synthetic seismogram based on XRF based matrix density and qualitative gas analysis

2D&3D seismic interpretation

WFG supports with accurate well tops obtained on currently drilled (GLWD) and archival (GOL) offset wells enhancing accuracy of structural interpretation

Exploration geology

WFG improves basin modeling with additional stratigraphic and facies control accompanied by comprehensive quantitative, qualitative and isotope gas analysis

Operations geology

WFG delivers synthetic gamma ray as well as geochemical and mineralogical datasets necessary for high quality multi-well offset correlation securing stratigraphic control of drilled well


Mineralogical and TOC modeling accompanied by advanced data downscaling procedures enhances formation evaluation of conventional and unconventional wells


WFG provides drilling hazard assessment focusing on swelling clays and breakout identification

We make geochemistry extremely useful.

WFG brings solutions for multiple branches of industry

WFG delivers wide range of analysis improving exploration efficiency and supports geological well control

WFG XRF base mineralogical modeling makes the CPI more effective in terms of formation saturation and petrophysical rock properties

Our geochemical approach is highly effective in exploration of coal, cooper, rock salt and REE deposits

WFG geochemical logging has proven its high efficiency on exploratory and production wells drilled in salt domes for hydrocarbons underground storage